Patient Lifts & Transfer Equipment

Safely lifting and transferring a loved one is a concern to everyone involved, the goal being a safe and respectful way to move someone throughout their home. Did you know that the use of lifting devices not only provide dignity to the patient, but they also help prevent injury to a care-giver or family member? According to a 2010 OSHA study, healthcare workers experience strains and sprains at a rate that is 7 times HIGHER than the average of all other industries.

Healthcare Equipment Inc. offers quality products from LikoRail, Joerns, MoLift and McKesson medical to meet the variety of our customer’s needs.

We have portable options available including a remarkable lightweight folding unit that is fit for airline travel using its optional carry bag along with a steel unit that disassemble quickly for storage or transport in a trunk or SUV.

Patient lifts transfer equipment

If a more permanent style lift is what you require, Healthcare Equipment Inc. has got you covered! We can custom design a full house-wide system allowing the patient to “ride the rails” throughout their home. Also available are freestanding units that give you all the benefits of a traditional overhead system without the need to permanently install anything...perfect for a rental home or apartment situation.

So, stop in and let us know how we can assist you in making your home safer for your loved one and prevent injuries to those providing the care.


Healthcare Equipment, Inc.

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